Filner Legislation Would Establish a Bill of Rights for Women Veterans

April 7, 2011

Washington, D.C. - Ranking Democratic Member Bob Filner reintroduced legislation that would require all VA facilities to display a bill of rights outlining VA's reponsibility to women veterans.

"Women veterans are serving in record numbers alongside their male counterparts.  It is time for VA to shed the pervasive male environment that exists at many of the VA Medical Centers and other facilities and embrace the female veteran popultion," stated Bob Filner.  "While VA has taken steps toward recognizing and respecting the unique concerns of women veterans, more needs to be done.

According to VA, there are 1.8 million women veterans, and that number only continues to rise.  According to VA estimates, by 2018 roughly a tenth of all veterans enrolled in the VA health care system will be women, up from 7.7 percent currently.

H.R. 809 calls for 24 key points detailing what women veterans should expect of VA, and would ensure that they are treated with the dignity and respect that they have earned.  Specifically, these points would address VA's responsibility to provide women veterans with full and timely access to quality health care, vigorous outreach, and complete equality in accessing VA benefits and services, among other important issues.