Filner Legislation for Servicemembers of Operation New Dawn

March 31, 2011

Washington, D.C. - Ranking Democratic Member Bob Filner (D-CA-51) reintroduced legislation that would ensure that military service in Operation New Dawn continues to be considered service in a theater of operations for purpose of access to Department of Veteran Affairs health care.

"When Operation Iraqi Freedom was changed to Operation New Dawn in September of 2010, I introduced a bill which would consider military service in Operation New Dawn as service in a theater of operations, for purposes of eligibility for veterans' hoepital and nusring home care and medical services through the Department of Veterans Affairs.  I have reintroduced that same bill, H.R. 804, in the 112th Congress to be sure that veterans would not be denied access to certain programs because of the way the law is currently written," stated Bob Filner.