Multimedia Links

The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs has the capability to deliver live and archived broadcasts of selected hearings and events through the internet allowing users to access and view the content from the comfort of their computer desktops. Webcasting, or streaming media, is available for events in Cannon 334, the Main Committee Room. There is a separate audio connection to the Committee's Auxiliary Committee Room, Cannon 340. In the absence of webcasting for hearings or events in Cannon 334, an audio connection may be available. The Committee DOES NOT have access to streaming video/audio in Room 345 Cannon House Office Building (Cannon Caucus Room).

Looking for a specific audio recording or webcast from a Committee and Subcommittee hearing? If available, the multimedia link can be found on the hearing webpage.

Video/Audio connection to Room 334, Cannon House Office Building 
(Main Committee Room)

Audio connection to Room 340, Cannon House Office Building (Auxiliary Committee Room)

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