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9/29/2010 Legislative Hearing on H.R. 3843, H.R. 4041, H.R. 5428, H.R. 5516, H.R. 5543, H.R. 5641, H.R. 5996, H.R. 6123, H.R. 6127, H.R. 6220, and Draft Legislation
9/23/2010 Veterans Health Administration Contracting and Procurement Practices
7/22/2010 Healing the Physical Injuries of War
7/19/2010 Serving Virginia’s Rural Veterans
6/24/2010 Overcoming Rural Health Care Barriers: Use of Innovative Wireless Health Technology Solutions
6/8/2010 Recreation Therapy and Healing our Wounded Warriors
5/27/2010 Legislative Hearing on H.R. 4062, H.R. 4465, H.R. 4505, and Draft Legislation
5/20/2010 Healing the Wounds: Evaluating Military Sexual Trauma Issues
4/29/2010 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' Implementation of the Enhanced Contract Care Pilot Program
4/29/2010 Markup of H.R. 1017 and H.R. 5145
10/22/2009 Markup of H.R. 2504, H.R. 2559, H.R. 2735, H.R. 3885, and Draft Bill
10/15/2009 Identifying the Causes of Inappropriate Billing Practices by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
10/1/2009 Legislative Hearing on H.R. 1017, H.R. 1036, H.R. 2504, H.R. 2559, H.R. 2735, H.R. 3073, H.R. 3441, H.R. 2506, and Draft Discussions on Homelessness, Graduate Psychology Education, and Psychiatric Service Dogs
9/22/2009 Is the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Meeting the Pharmaceutical Needs of Veterans? An Examination of the VA National Formulary, Issues of Patient Safety, and Management of the Pharmacy Benefits Program
7/16/2009 Eliminating the Gaps: Examining Women Veterans’ Issues
7/9/2009 Markup of H.R. 1197, H.R. 1293, H.R. 1302, H.R. 1335, H.R. 1546, H.R. 2770, H.R. 2926, and a Draft Discussion on Family Caregivers
6/18/2009 Legislative Hearing on H.R. 2770, H.R. 1293, H.R. 1197, H.R. 1302, H.R. 1335, H.R. 1546, H.R. 2734, H.R. 2738, H.R. 2770, H.R. 2898 and Draft Discussion Legislation
6/9/2009 Assessing Capital Asset Realignment for Enhanced Services and the Future of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' Health Infrastructure
6/4/2009 Meeting the Needs of Family Caregivers of Veterans
6/4/2009 Markup of H.R. 1211
5/19/2009 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Care: The Crown Jewel and Best Kept Secret
4/30/2009 Charting the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' Progress on Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Our Veterans: Discussion of Funding, Mental Health Strategic Plan, and the Uniform Mental Health Services Handbook
3/19/2009 Markup of H.R. 1377
3/19/2009 Closing the Health Gap of Veterans in Rural Areas: Discussion of Funding and Resource Coordination
3/3/2009 Legislative Hearing on H.R. 784, H.R. 785, H.R. 1211, and Discussion Draft on Emergency Care Reimbursement
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