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9/16/2010 Examining Training Requirements of Veterans Benefits Administration Claims Processing Personnel
7/27/2010 Markup of H.R. 3787, H.R. 4541, H.R. 5064 and H.R. 5549
7/1/2010 Legislative Hearing on H.R. 3407, H.R. 3787, H.R. 4541, H.R. 5064, H.R. 5549, and Draft Legislation
6/15/2010 The State of the Veterans Benefits Administration
5/20/2010 Healing the Wounds: Evaluating Military Sexual Trauma Issues
5/6/2010 Quality vs. Quantity: Examining the Veterans Benefits Administration’s Employee Work Credit and Management Systems
4/22/2010 Examining the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Fiduciary Program: How Can the VA Better Protect Vulnerable Veterans and Their Families?
3/24/2010 Examination of VA Regional Office Disability Claims Quality Review Methods – Is VBA’s Systematic Technical Accuracy Review (STAR) Making the Grade?
2/24/2010 Examination of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits Delivery at Discharge and Quick Start Programs
2/3/2010 Implementation and Status Update on the Veterans’ Benefits Improvement Act, P.L. 110-389
11/18/2009 Markup of Draft Bill and Pending Legislation
10/21/2009 Markup of H.R. 761, H.R. 3485, and Pending Legislation
10/8/2009 Legislative Hearing on H.R. 761, H.R. 2243, H.R. 3485, H.R. 3544, and Draft Legislation
10/7/2009 Roundtable Discussion on Implications of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ PTSD Rule-Making
9/24/2009 Honoring the Fallen: How Can We Better Serve America’s Veterans and Their Families?
7/23/2009 Examining Quality of Life and Ancillary Benefits Issues
7/16/2009 Eliminating the Gaps: Examining Women Veterans’ Issues
7/9/2009 Markup of H.R. 2379, H.R. 2774, and H.R. 2968
6/24/2009 Legislative Hearing on H.R. 2379, H.R. 2713, H.R. 2774, and H.R. 2968
6/18/2009 Addressing the Backlog: Can the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Manage One Million Claims?
6/3/2009 Markup of H.R. 952 and H.R. 2270
5/21/2009 Legislative Hearing on H.R. 1522, H.R. 1982, and H.R. 2270
5/14/2009 Examining Appellate Processes and Their Impact on Veterans
4/23/2009 Legislative Hearing on H.R. 952, the "Compensation Owed for Mental Health Based on Activities in Theater Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Act"
3/24/2009 The Nexus between Engaged in Combat with the Enemy and PTSD in an Era of Changing Warfare Tactics
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